Our expertise is mainly in clinical poultry studies, but we also have a growing experience with rabbits and pigs. Poulpharm CRO offers various experimental models within the disciplines of parasitology, bacteriology and virology, as well as nutritional studies. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of intestinal health (coccidiosis, bacterial enteritis, necrotic enteritis), histomoniasis and respiratory health.

Overview of studies and facilities

Poulpharm is involved in various phases of the development of a product, from proof-of-concept to efficacy studies, from marketing to registration studies. We always apply the national and European guidelines. Our studies are conducted within a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) system.

Project management

We can offer a complete package of project management. This includes:

  • Literature review
  • Design of the study
  • Layout of the protocol
  • Follow-up of various parameters (health, zootechnics, housing and climate)
  • Performing measurements and scoring
  • Performing samples and analyzes
  • Data processing and statistical analysis
  • Format of the report
  • Format of the study file
  • Quality checks during the different phases of a project

Poulpharm CRO has its own facilities for isolator studies, floor pen studies, battery cage studies and field trials.

Network and partners

Poulpharm works closely with various University partners. In addition, we have a wide international network of contacts within the poultry industry, including poultry farmers, veterinarians, feed companies, hatcheries. This makes us a unique partner to work with.

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